Take care of your Caterpillar Sunglasses

Learn about the main care, features and technical specifications of Caterpillar Sunglasses. As well as recommendations from the brand itself licensed by Caterpillar Inc.
Cuida Tus Lentes De Sol Caterpillar

Their frames are created with the best materials and have been carefully developed to provide complete protection for your eyes.

Caterpillar sunglasses at sunset

Caring for your mount
Clean the lenses with mild soap (pH 5.5) and warm water. Wipe away moisture with a cloth, sunglasses cloth, soft, clean cloth, or allow to air dry. Do not dry or clean the lens with paper products as they may damage the lens and/or coatings.

Do not put your glasses upside down. Store your glasses in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and/or heat. Do not expose your lenses to extreme temperature conditions (colder than -30°C / -22F or hotter than + 80°C / + 176F). Do not allow your glasses to come into contact with detergents, cleaners or chemicals. Do not bend your glasses unnecessarily.

Inspect your glasses periodically for damage. If there is damage, the glasses and/or frame must be replaced, as UV protection and your visibility may be affected.

Compliance with international ophthalmology standards
The CE mark ensures compliance with directive and standards 2017/745, BS EN 12870:2018, BS EN 16128:2015, AS/NZS ISO 12870:2012 and ANSI/ISO 7998/8624/12870 - Optical Product Suite

They should not be used as eye protection against risks of mechanical impact.
Our sunglasses are equipped with UV400 lenses that provide protection against dangerous UVA and UVB rays.
All lenses are optical class 1 with the highest quality optical properties. They are not indicated for direct observation of the sun. They are also not indicated for protection against artificial light sources, for example, solariums.

Not suitable for driving at dusk or at night. Lenses are offered in various shades, colors and tints. Polarized lenses offer protection against glare, which is beneficial in outdoor activities. These polarized sunglasses are not suitable for pilots while flying on an airplane as it may affect the vision of the LCD screens.
Lens filter categories describe the darkness of the tint. These filter categories are as follows:

filter category table, from zero to four


  • Zero: Light tint, sunglasses or fashion glasses - Very limited reduction of solar glare. Some degree of UV protection.
  • 1: Light tint, sunglasses or fashion glasses - Limited protection against sun glare. Some degree of UV protection.
  • 2: General purpose sunglasses - Good protection against sun glare. Good degree of UV protection.
  • 3: General purpose sunglasses - High protection against sun glare. Good degree of UV protection.
  • 4: Very dark, special purpose sunglasses, very high glare reduction - Very high protection against glare. for example: in the sea, on snow fields, in high mountains or in the desert. Good degree of UV protection.


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