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Caterpillar safety glasses have the most advanced optical treatments available on their lenses, polarized, photochromic, filters for night driving, protection for LED lights, state-of-the-art multifocal lenses and more. The most widely used personal protective equipment is undoubtedly Caterpillar safety glasses, which are intended to protect the eyes and sides from a wide variety of hazards or risks, such as flying objects or solid particles, and even chemical splashes. .

Caterpillar Volt and Carrier Glasses are designed to be compatible with other PPE (Personal Protection Elements) such as respirators, hearing protectors, helmets, among others, Caterpillar safety glasses prevent the entry of objects, welding residues, sawdust , insects, dust, chemicals, toxic gases, water.


Caterpillar safety glasses come in a plastic wrapper.


  • Amber CAT industrial lenses. These types of lenses are excellent for cloudy days and to improve your night vision, ideal for drivers.
  • CAT industrial sun lenses. Apart from offering frontal protection, it protects your eyes from solar radiation, ideal for working outdoors.
  • CAT yellow UV protection safety glasses . Designed to distribute pressure evenly, reduce irritation and increase comfort, while maintaining high levels of protection, in addition, it blocks the blue color of the visible light spectrum, increasing contrast and depth perception. Indicated for tasks in environments with low light levels. It is not recommended for use in bright light environments or when accurate color recognition is required.
  • Colorless : general use.
  • Smoked Grey : suitable for outdoor use where sunlight may cause visual fatigue. Provides good color recognition.
  • Green : provides protection from reflections and UV radiation. Not suitable for welding tasks.
  • Dark Green W3 : meets the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 for shade W3. (bubble protector that protects you from bumps, particle impact, dust, sparks and chemical splash).
  • Dark Green W5 : meets the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 for shade W5. (UV filter, polycarbonate, front and side protection)
  • Orange BL : filters the violet and blue light present in the emission of UV lamps. Absorbs visible light up to 540nm. Applications: dentistry, medicine, laboratories.
  • Anti-fog (AF) : resistant to moisture condensation on the lens.
  • Outdoor / Indoor (O/I): slightly metallic that attenuates sunlight, maintaining adequate performance with artificial light. Suitable for personnel who regularly perform their tasks alternating between environments with artificial light and bright natural light.
  • Anti-scratch (HC) : protects the lens from natural deterioration due to daily handling, prolonging its useful life and improving vision.

Caterpillar safety glasses are very varied, although they always seek to fulfill the same purpose: to guarantee maximum protection for the ocular organs. Many also offer protection against UVA rays, ideal for working outdoors.

Regarding the most appropriate type of glasses to carry out the work, this must be chosen taking into account the risks: glasses for working with wood will not be the same as glasses for welding.

How do Caterpillar safety glasses help me?

  • Prevention of possible blows.
  • Protection from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Protection against fire and high temperatures,

Do Caterpillar safety glasses resist high temperatures?
Caterpillar Carrier safety glasses are ideal for use in environments where eye protection is a priority but, in addition, so is comfort and sufficient ventilation to prevent fogging of the optical lenses.

Can any Caterpillar safety glasses be used?

It is recommended to use our CAT Volt model in environments with a medium or high level of suspended particulate matter and our CAT Carrier model in environments with a low or medium level of suspended particulate matter.

What material are the crystals made of?

The lenses are made of 2.50 MM thick polycarbonate certified against impact EN166 "Ball Drop Test" with anti-reflective and anti-scratch treatment.

Are they recommended for sports?

Caterpillar glasses provide great eye protection and comfort, making them suitable for any type of sport.

Can the protective rubber or other accessory on the lens be removed or modified?

No, accessories such as the protective rubber are what provide seal to the lens and protection to the eyeball, so removing it causes the lens to lose its main quality.

How should I clean my Caterpillar safety glasses?

Caterpillar safety glasses should only be cleaned with a lens cloth or warm water and then dried. Never use any soap or acetone-based solution. You can use any polycarbonate lens cleaning solution.



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