Caterpillar 7495HF Electric Shovel

Pala Eléctrica Caterpillar 7495HF - CAT SERVICE PERU S.A.C.

Featured here is the 1:50 scale Caterpillar 7495HF (High Float) Power Shovel from TWH Collectibles. This is a redecorated version of the original Bucyrus version of the model produced several years ago, now presented in Caterpillar colors, which look better than the original white. Two versions of the model have been produced, the hard rock version with narrow tracks and a large bucket, the revised high flotation version with wide tracks and a smaller quick fill bucket, ideal for the oil sands region. Both versions are limited to only 400 pieces.

The main cabin has two opening doors with two air conditioning sets located behind the cabin, with etched panels and warning labels.

The rear of the cabin, cabinets and counter space are modeled with microwaves and beverage preparation facilities showcasing TWH's excellent attention to detail. Rearview mirrors, windshield wipers and hallway lighting are reproduced on the Caterpillar 7495HF electric shovel .

The interior of the cabin has been accurately modeled, the main operator's seat and controls are clearly visible, while the large computer console is with an excellent graphical display.

The top deck of the Caterpillar 7495HF power loader is dominated by the A-frame, and air filtration units with a raised top deck area surrounded by black painted safety rails. Small platforms have been added to the A-frame with safety railings and thinner access ladders.

Reflector housings are strategically placed around the body and can be adjusted, while amber beacons and a speaker are also visible with safety and warning labels located near the various openings.

The lower level of the Caterpillar 7495HF Power Loader is highly detailed with mesh walkways, handrails, lights, spotlights, and bucket door release winch platform access ladder. The other side of the model features more walkways and access to the main winch drums.

The rear winch on the Caterpillar 7495HF electric loader operates the lifting mechanism and the supplied winding key is inserted into the round hole in the side of the body. The drum is spring loaded and requires pressure to release the braking mechanism before the drum can rotate. The front drum is accessed through the open window and operates the bucket movement. This is achieved through friction, so there is no braking mechanism on this drum.

The handrails surround the entire model and contrast with the yellow bodywork. The boom walkway reaches to the top and each step has a mesh panel. There is another small platform and the walkway continues through the center of the boom to the large wheels at the tip.

The lower part of the main body of the Caterpillar 7495HF electric loader has even more details with electrical cables, swing motor housing and radiator grille all present with a sliding safety ladder. The opposite side of the Caterpillar 7495HF electric loader also features electrical cables and swing motor, with warning markings under the main aisles.

The working folding access walkway uses a hydraulic cylinder that is rigid enough to keep the ladder in the raised position.

The HF or high flotation designation is ideal in areas where ground conditions are demanding, such as the Canadian oil sands, and the replica has a massive set of all-metal track pads that turn remarkably smoothly considering the weight of the power shovel. Caterpillar 7495HF. The track frames have individual base rollers installed and have good surface detail including bolt heads and lifting eyes with large drive housings with various hoses and cables along with the main power cable feed. Nothing has been omitted from the model and the level of detail is truly astonishing.

The bucket is fully functional by operating the two winches, while the bucket has a work door release mechanism that can be operated from the small winch installed on the side of the boom. The Caterpillar 7495HF electric shovel has a good level of detail, including fully reproduced teeth with wear protection.

When the announcement was made that Caterpillar had acquired Bucyrus, it was no surprise that the model was produced in Caterpillar dress, although the castings are the same as the original version, where in real life, all machines produced with The new Caterpillar colors are updated. cab designs among other changes, so this model is not a true reflection of the full-size machine.


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