LeTourneau L1850 Wheel Loader 1:50 scale

Cargador De Ruedas LeTourneau L1850 escala 1:50 - CAT SERVICE PERU S.A.C.


The model is securely packaged in a two-section polystyrene carton with a printed cardboard outer box, the model is supplied with a number of separate handrails that need assembly. There is a printed assembly guide present in the box that gives step-by-step instructions on where all the railings fit. There is also a small specifications booklet that provides details on the LeTourneau L1850 wheel loader.

Model dimensions

Length: 14"/356 mm
Width: 4.5" / 114
mm Height: 5.5"/140mm
Weight: 4.25 lb / 1.93 kg

Box dimensions

Length: 435mm/17.125"
Width: 224mm/8.8125"
Height: 215mm/8.47"

There are two versions of the LeTourneau L1850 wheel loader model available for the collector market. They are yellow or white with old style markings, as shown below.


Presented here is the Letourneau L1850 wheel loader which has been produced in 1:50 scale. The images below take a look at the model, which is another striking release in TWH Collectibles' growing range of mining models.

The side of the LeTourneau L1850 wheel loader is impeccably detailed with engraved walkways from the rear folding ladder to the cab door, which can also be opened. The fire fighting equipment has been placed on both sides of the body above the open engine compartment and main electrical cabinet, on the side side it has a high opening door along with a sliding work platform and a ladder with a completely interior. Replicated complete with wiring racks and authentic components placed.

The cockpit has a complete interior with a monitoring console with printed gauges, manual controls and a realistic looking seat. Each side of the cab has metal safety chains installed along with black painted glass seals around all windows and the front mounted wiper. There's even a small maintenance platform at the front of the cab along with two small platforms mounted on the sides just below where the loader arms mount, which are again constructed of mesh panels.

The articulated steering of the LeTourneau L1850 wheel loader is fully functional with a realistic level of movement. Twin hydraulic cylinders are present with visible hydraulic and electrical piping between the two frame sections. There is a cutout in the center of the main body, and you can make out the electrical generator components at the heart of the machine, which have been completely replicated. They've even added simulated rubber bumpers to the frame to dampen the full angle steering and steering lock bar, which really adds to the incredible level of detail and realism.

Entry to the LeTourneau L1850 wheel loader is achieved by climbing the folding staircase which has intricate photo-etched steps and precisely scaled handrails. There's even a small etched maintenance walkway, mounted behind the rear wheels to ensure secure footing while daily checks are carried out on the massive diesel engine filling the engine bay.

The large engine cooling radiators are hidden behind the large mesh door, which can be opened to reveal the engine cooling systems inside. Once the main door is open, the two interior doors can also be opened and have a very realistic metal look. The rear frame has an integrated tow hook with rear-facing work lights and indicators.

The engine block of the LeTourneau L1850 wheel loader dominates the engine compartment with visible oil filters and coolant lines. The two exhausts and mufflers are mounted above the engine and rise through a cutout in the top of the engine compartment. A ladder is mounted behind the rear wheel to provide maintenance access to the engine compartment.

The main air conditioning for the operator is mounted on the side of the cab and has a very thin photo-etched cover. There is a side access ladder fitted to the fluid tank with a swinging bottom section, while the engine's main air filtration components are also mounted on the side just ahead of the rear wheel, which has another fine mesh screen and It is painted on the door closures.

The cab roof has a large frame with integral forward-facing work lights and large rear-view mirrors with a reflective finish that must be adapted to the model during the assembly stage. Safety rails that go around the entire top of the engine area also need to be installed and there is a small booklet in the box that guides the collector through the complete assembly of the LeTourneau L1850 wheel loader, step by step.

The large arms of the LeTourneau L1850 wheel loader are connected to the frame with hydraulic cylinders, which allow the model to be balanced with the bucket raised without danger of it falling over. The Z-bar linkage arms have visible simulated grease lines, and the nose cylinders have flexible hydraulic lines and check valve details for added realism.

The large tires fitted to the LeTourneau L1850 wheel loader have an authentic tread pattern on the surface with a realistic bulge on the sidewall giving them a more realistic look.

The edge of the spoon has some of the most detailed teeth ever seen on a model. Even the shear plates between the teeth have been added and the bolt detail really adds to the authentic look of the model. The top surface of the bucket has two lifting eyes that would be used to place the bucket on the actual machine, and there is also a small cutout on the top surface with a grille that allows the operator a better view of the work area.

This is truly a museum quality model, with an impressive level of detail throughout. TWH Collectibles has once again proven its ability to produce an incredible 1:50 scale replica that would be the centerpiece of any collection.

The height reached on the loader arms allows the model to be placed loading the Caterpillar 793D mining truck with ease, as can be seen in the following image.


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